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Tutorial - Ayesha Bracelet

I live in Bangkok, Thailand and I love to do crafts. My works are beading and paper quilling.

I'm running the small bead tutorial community at LiveJournal : http://community.livejournal.com/bead_tutorial/ Feel free to join. Most entries are public.

As a buyer, well, I'm impulse buyer. It's not take me long to decide to buy something I like, especially some lovely beads or beading materials hardly find in my country. I always leave positive feedbacks to sellers after I receive the items. Don't worry if I leave feedback late. Mostly it took around two weeks.

Also I love those beautiful collage sheets from our neighbors. I'm buying a lot of sheets now and still keep looking for more and more!

I love to talk to other crafters around the world. You can convo me anytime!

By the way, I have a dog and I don't smoke.

Tutorial : Elanor
Tutorial : Sonya
Tutorial : Shera
Tutorial : Ethuil


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